Ready, Set, Improv is taking a break from classes until 2021, but the MAGIC ZOOM PARTY TRAIN is taking off! 


Conductor Mike and Ticket-Taker-Tina are ready and set to make your birthday (or any celebration) ZOOMTASTIC!





All of our party packages are personalized making your child feel celebrated on their big day even if their friends are not in the same room. Ticket-Taker-Tina will have your guests names and virtually take their tickets before settling in for a world class magic show with Conductor Mike like they've never seen before!


We can even coordinate gift -opening with you if you'd like a special something to appear before your child's eyes. Like a pony! Okay. A pony might be hard, but there are many ways to make this socially-distanced party interactive. And you know what? If you got your kid a pony, we've got you covered! Our goal is to bring the magic and customize your party so it feels less virtual and as personal as it can be.

Contact us to discuss which of our three packages would be perfect for your party based on your child's age and the ages of their guests.

The Little Engine That Zoomed


This 20 minute magic show comes with a birthday serenade, virtual cake, magic candles and party invitations.

The Magic Express


Time zooms when you're having fun so this magical show is 30 minutes. More time for audience participation! Includes a birthday serenade, virtual cake, magic candles and party invitations. 

The Zip Zap Zoom

This 40 minute zoom party includes a magic show and interactive improv games led by Ticket-Taker-Tina. Plus a birthday serenade, virtual cake, magic candles and party invitations.

What's a virtual cake and magic candles? Conductor Mike and Ticket-Taker-Tina will present an empty cooking pan which is then covered and then uncovered to reveal a magic birthday cake with candles your child will blow out on their end of the computer!

Choose your party package!


For party package prices and all other questions:



Call 323-559-0220 

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